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[Dec. 13th, 2004|01:00 am]
My reaction to an email reply: I didn't even ask them to explain all of the details of their system. I just emailed G--gle-mail about some theory I had where you are best friends with one person and they occasionally send you stuff from a Viagra spammer because they think its funny. What is the proper decision, because the known spammer and headers are in the message - flag as spam, or NOT because you frequently receive emails and reply to your friend. G--mail opted to not even try to answer my inquiry.

What a bunch of BS. G--gle has been using Linus' paradigm of security through transparency for years, but claiming in this email that Microsoft's security through obscurity is the better way. I think its obvious this information hiding approach is wrong.


Thank you for your message.

The Gmail system takes a number of factors into consideration when
classifying messages as 'Spam.' In an effort to protect our users, we
can't share specific details about our spam filters."
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